Eastern Rehab Services
Helping you regain functional Independence.


Happy patient poses with her husband and granddaughter
Enjoying the great outdoors with family
thanks to Eastern Rehab Services.

Welcome to Eastern Rehab Services. We are a locally owned and operated outpatient rehabilitation company dedicated to providing quality physical, occupational, and speech therapy to individuals residing in assisted living centers, residential care facilities, and hospice settings. Our goal is to help people suffering from a variety of debilitating conditions regain their functional independence.

Treating individuals in a setting where they feel most comfortable, with the support of family and friends helps foster the healing process. Our highly trained health care professionals are dedicated to the care and comfort of our patients.

Eastern Rehab Services is Medicare certified. Rehabilitation services offered include:

Woman celebrating her recovery after suffering a debilitating condition
Helping you regain functional
independence is our goal!

If you, a loved one, a patient, or a resident of your facility, suffers from a debilitating condition that hampers your functional independence, we can help.